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Our main parking lot is across the street from the church beside the old Limington Town Hall building. There is a small parking lot on the east side of the church for families with children and for anyone who would have difficulty crossing the street. 



Our worship services are pretty traditional. Our focus in everything is on God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the focus of the preaching, the praying, and the singing. The music is led by a single piano, with the focus on the whole church singing together to God. We have a bulletin and a power point that will guide you through the service. Click here for a sample order of service.



You’ll find that there’s no dress code at LOPC. Some people wear ties, others wear sweatshirts; some wear dresses, others wear jeans. Dress as you feel comfortable, keeping in mind how to honor God and not distract those around you. The most important thing is to prepare your heart for worship!



After the morning service, we have a time of coffee and fellowship downstairs. We’d love to have you join us for this so that we can get to know you better!


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